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Peoples Imports is a South Korean Import company originated on March 2015. We are importers of food products originally but have expanded due to demand.

We were founded by a hydroponic hobbyist, who came to South Korea to open a commercial hydroponic greenhouse to grow lettuce crops. After arriving in Korea and finding almost no hydroponic supply or equipment, we decided to use our knowledge to import the best Hydroponic Supplies from around the world.

Our first major shipment of hydroponics equipment, ordered in bulk from PureHydroponics© in New Zealand, will be here soon and smaller orders from USA & China are also enroute.

We are also awaiting additives and conditioners for testing by the MAFRA for approval of sales in Korea.

You can count on us for all Hydroponic supplies for Aeroponic, flood and drain (EBB and FLOW), Deep water culture(DWC) and nutrient film technique (NFT).

Our warehouse is located in Gyunggie-do Namyangju South Korea.

Contact: Click here to call us at 010-6588-0879. Please ask for Mike.

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Peoples Imports and Hydroponics of South Korea