Agronomix 100g


100g pkg (5g per week at beginning)

 Concentrated blend of B-complex vitamins and anti-oxidants.
 Researched, pre-selected group of vitamins
 Components are considered safe by the EPA
 Provides for more efficient use of nutrients
 Environmentally friendly
 Improves harvestable quality of yield
 Improves root growth and development
 Positive impact on soil microbiology
 Helps to use fertilizers more efficiently
 Improves vegetative growth
 Aids in maintaining high quality plant development

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additive for root mass

Vitamins for Plant Life
Agronomix® is a water soluble vitamin powder pre-mix that
was researched for many years before being offered for plant
use 15 years ago. Individual vitamins, as well as various
combinations, to determine the perfect formulation to provide
optimum plant nutrition.
Research has shown that Agronomix® provides the proper
balance of vitamins that plants require for optimum quality
and growth. Simply add Agronomix® to your current nutritional
program to enhance growth and vitality of plants.


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