Flood and Drain Valve


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The Economy Flood and Drain Valves are a low cost valve for Ebb and Flow tables. They do not provide any oxygenation of the solution when it is pumped onto the tables. All they are is an open orifice which allows nutrient solution to flow through it. A barbed fitting on the base of the valve allows lateral tubing or feed-line hose to be connected. The valves also have a filter screen on the top to prevent any coarse particles from flowing back through the valve from the tables.When the pump stops the table drain back through the valve and through the feed-line back to the tank.

Pure Hydroponics recommends that an air pump and air stone is used to aerate the mixing tank between irrigations.

The valves are available with barbed fittings in 13mm, 16mm and 19mm sizes.


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