Safa advance myco gro 250g


• Increased uptake and retention of water.
• Improved soil structure.
• Nutrient solubilisation—unlocks unavailable
major growth nutrients such as Phosphorus.
• Increases root growth and root area.
• Increased ability to “find” nutrients in soil.

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The term mycorrhiza (fungus-root) was first coined by a German scientist to describe the symbiotic
association of specialised soil fungi with plant roots (Frank, 1995). The field has generally been divided in two
main types of Mycorrhizae. Ecto-mycorrhizae, which occur on trees
such as pines, firs, oaks, eucalyptus, alder and birches and
Endo-mycorrhizae, which occur on the rest of the plants on earth
except members of a few families that do not form any
The importance of mycorrhizal fungi in sustainable agriculture is
based on their role as a link between plant and soil (Bethlenfalvay,
1992). As agents of nutrient transport between plant and soil, they
have an impact on soil conservation (Elliott and Coleman, 1998) and
soil nutrition (Bethlenfalvay and Newton, 1991), as well as plant
nutrition (Reid, 1990). AM fungi establish a network of microscopic
hyphal filaments in the soil. When these filaments come in contact
with a young root, they thread their way between the cortical cells and
quickly propagate, forming intracellular arbuscules. These
arbuscular fungi are so called because of the treelike structures that
are differentiated in the roots. The hyphal network allows the
exchange of nutrients for the survival and growth of the two partners. First, the wide dispersal of the fungus in
the soil through its large filament network gives the fungus access to a much larger volume of soil than the
root system itself. The fungal hyphae act more or less as a pump, supplying the root with a supplement of
water and mineral salts to which it normally would not have access.

Contains multi strains of: Arbuscular mycorrhizae (Endomycorrhizae)
Glomas intradices, mosseae, aggregatum and Etunicatum.
Minimum 250,000 propagules / kg fungal spores and propagules
Inoculate SAFA MYCO GRO as early in the plants life cycle as possible. The key is to place SAFA MYCO
GRO within 1 inch of the roots so that the mycorrhizae can begin forming their beneficial symbiotic
relationship with the plant. Apply in late afternoon and do not exceed 200psi.
NOTE: SAFA MYCO GRO has a maximum life of 3 hours in a water solution.
SAFA MYCO GRO contains a range of biological foods and
mycorrhizal stimulants to enhance and increase efficacy.
Seeds: 1.2kg/tonne of seed—Mix dry with seed prior to planting
Liquid Inject at Planting: 100-150g/ha—Mix with water and apply within 1 hour
Soil: 0.25-0.50kg/ha—Mix dry and apply with bio friendly fertilisers
Orchard Crops: 0.25-0.50kg / ha sprayed along the drip line—Mix with water
and apply within 1 hour
Seedling Treatment: Dip seedlings in a solution of 20g/litre
Potting Mix: 7g/25ltr
Transplanting dip: 7g / plant—put dry into growing medium


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