Sure to Grow Inserts


Specifically designed for use in all major general hydroponics systems employing 3.25″ to 3.75″ net pots
package of 12 inserts

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1.5 cut out in the will accept the STG 1.5″ grow cube as well as the 2″ clipper cloner
pH neutral and require no conditioning or continuous adjustment of your bath due to media influence
products are inert and impart nothing to your nutrient solution. This allows the grower to “start from scratch” when developing a feeding schedule
Non-wicking design allows the grower to feed more often leading to healthier plants and better harvests
Open cells designed for more air flow ensuring a healthy dry stem while the roots recieve ambient circulation.

Hydroponic gardening with this media: All crops, including hydroponic strawberries, hydroponic tomatoes and more


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