Sure to Grow Loose Fill

Recommended for growing all types of nursery and greenhouse hydroponic crops in individual containers such as bag culture, buckets, net pots and other nursery containers.

Soil ammendment – more robust growth and higher yields
Superior to rockwool absorbent, perlite, cocofiber (coir) vermiculite and soilless mix.

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Light weight, sterile
No pH and nutrient swings
No irritating fibers
No preconditioning required

Hydroponic Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Flowers, Herbs, Baby Greens, Lettuce, Ornamentals, Vegetable Transplants, Rooted Cuttings.

Hydroponic System Compatibility:

ebb and grow (ebb and flow, flood and drain, ebb and flood), hydroponic drip*, nutrient film technique (NFT), float, floating raft, wick*, Aeroponic Cloners.

*Note: Drip and Wick systems require a 50/50 mix of STG Loose Fill and Coir or Soilless Mix.


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