Ebb and Flow Tables


Ebb and Flow Tables are the industry standard for propagating seedlings in a modern greenhouse.

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The tables allow a large number of seedlings to be propagated in a confined space before they are transplanted into the main hydroponic system.

The Ebb and Flow tables use a flood and drain process to hydrate the growing media from beneath before draining the excess moisture away.

The flooding cycle forces stale air out of the air filled porosity in the growing media and then sucks fresh air back into the media on the drain cycle.

The growing media is not fully submersed but is only partially saturated, allowing capillary action to hydrate the rest of the media to the very top.

Once the table is drained the root zone is exposed to oxygen once more and vigorous seedling growth is promoted.

Depending on the crop type or growth stage, plain water or a weak nutrient solution is pumped onto the tables a number of times each day to maintain a uniform level of moisture in the media at all times.

Aside from their use for propagating, the Ebb and Flow tables can also be used to grow various crops in media filled containers from seedling stage until maturity.


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